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In Memory of Stewart Gilray

In Memory of Stewart Gilray

On the 6th January 2022, our founder and CEO Stewart Gilray passed away after a short and hard-fought battle with Covid 19. A personally devastating outcome for his family and for everyone here at Just Add Water.

Stewart started Just Add Water in 2006, and with a brilliant team built a studio that has created a multitude of award-winning, high profile games and projects including Sniper Elite VR, Dr Who, Odd World Inhabitants, Micro Machines and Gravity Crash.

A champion of indie development studios and of supporting people across the games industry, he was widely regarded, both personally and professionally, as a kind and generous person; with the team here experiencing his drive to create a dynamic, vibrant and creative working environment. Stewart was forward-thinking, an innovator and thoroughly excited about the future of the games industry and Just Add Water.

The loss of Stewart has been incredibly difficult for us as a company. He was a husband, father, friend, mentor, boss,  grumpy old man, visionary and a void that is hard to fill.

He had a long-term vision for Just Add Water, one that we intend to honour – for him, his family, his friends, ourselves and our clients. We’ll soon share more news about we’ll build on his legacy and would like to thank everyone for their warmth, kindness and support.

Thank you Stewart for starting something wonderful and letting us continue your dreams.

Stewart Gilray

1970 – 2022