DigVR Announced at Wired Direct

April 25, 2024

Tuesday 23 April could have seen you watching Masterchef, you could have been playing Sniper Elite VR, or like us, you could have been watching the latest announcements from Wired Direct where you would have also got your first look at our latest game, DigVR.

At long last we can welcome you all to Diglington! A quaint Town in the English county of Digshire where all problems are solved with … a digger!
Here you will dig, break, saw, lift and violate ‘elf and safety in your pursuit of a thriving business!
Some features you can expect to find are
  • Immersive control scheme
  • Dynamic moveable terrain
  • Over a dozen levels to explore
  • Unique and challenging gameplay
  • A severe lack of cows

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